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Glossy Boys Polish Basics

What is a Top Coat and do I need one for Glossy Boys Gel Nail Polish?
A Top Coat can make your nails harder, shinier or a matte finish (dull, no shine finish) and you DON'T need it for Glossy Boys or GB. We created nail polish that is simple and accessible which is why GB is a 3-in-1 which means it has all that good stuff inside.
What is a ‘coat’ of nail polish? 
A coat is one layer of nail polish completely covering your nails. 
How many coats should I do of Glossy Boys?
2 coats is recommended to make it look even and nice :)
My first coat of Glossy Boys dried weird, is that ok?
Yeap, totally fine. GB is made for 2 coats and the bubbly look will smooth out completely once you’ve completely dried the first coat (4-6 minutes for each nail under the UV Lamp) and then applied and completely dried the second coat. 
What is the difference between Gel Nail Polish (likeGlossy Boys) and regular nail polish? 
Regular nail polish will air dry, often needs a base coat and a top coat, and will chip and peel quicker than Glossy Boys. Regular nail polish, for an active peep will last 1-2 days without being wrecked, Glossy Boys will last upto 2 weeks. 
Do I need to clean my Glossy Boys brushes?
Nope, no need. The brush hairs are delicate so try not to pull or wipe them on things that might pull them out. Always store your pens with the lid upright so your polish doesn't leak out (like all paint!). If you get a bit of grit on your brush gently remove with a cotton bud. Don't leave your pen out in the sun, near or near your UV lamp as it might dry out my dude!
Is there a nail polish time saver HACK? 
Yes, do it once every two weeks, that’s why we made Glossy Boys a Gel Nail Polish Pen. So you have a super quick application, once it’s dried you can do anything, and it stays for up to 2 weeks. Regular nail polish takes at least 30 minutes to dry, up to 40 minutes if you really want to be safe. Glossy Boys takes two coats of UV light 4-6 minutes each and you’re completely done. No fussy top or base coats. Just two layers of epic colour, some UV light and you’re good to go.If you wear regular nail polish, there are some. Running cold water over your nails might dry it faster, there are some fancy sprays…but really regular nail polish takes ages to dry and you have to be careful for ages after you apply it. Glossy Boys goes straight on and stays on.
Does painting your nails help kick the ‘biting your nails’habit? 
You bet it does. Heaps of people use this as a way to break that habit (and don’t even get us into biting your TOENAILS!). So, how? Firstly, you spent some effort making your nails look cool, so why would you eat your art? Also, you’ll go to gnaw, catch a glimpse and decide not to in a split second. Bam. Problem solved.
Which hand should I paint first? 
Use your dominant hand to paint your non-dominant hand first. Why? First your dominant hand is steadier and it will go better, giving you confidence to do the other hand. Make sure you completely finish your hand: two coats, completely dry before starting on your dominant hand. Also you can do things with your dominant hand while you wait. Bonus. 
But I have light sensitivities?
UV lamps are used globally. However, anyone that is taking medication that might make them sensitive to light or have skin conditions that affect their ability to deal with UV raysshould notuse Gel Nail polish as a UV Lamp is required to dry the Gel Nail Polish.
But what if I am allergic to things?
Like anything you put on or in your body, be careful. Always make sure you have patch tested any product you use including Gel Nail Polish, and know that you will have to use harsh chemicals like acetone to remove the polish. Don’t use nail polish if you have sensitive skin or allergies. 
Is regular nail polish easier to use? 
It doesn’t work as well as Gel Polish like Glossy Boys, often needs a lot of steps (like a Top Coat and a Base Coat) and will chip faster. It is easier to get off, and you can air dry regular nail polish. Glossy Boys is created so you can skate, surf, draw, game and know you’re good to go.

Gel Nail Polish Removal

Is Glossy Boys Gel Nail Polish hard to get off?
Glossy Boys Gel Nail Polish is hardy, so it has a special way of being removed. Click here for instructions and a video on how to remove Glossy Boys Gel Nail Polish.
How do I remove the Glossy Boys Polish?
Here’s a video on how to take Glossy Boys Gel Nail Polish off. → 
How to get Nail Polish that won’t come off?
Ok, so your nails grow, so you do want to be replacing your nail polish about every two weeks. Glossy Boys isn’t just any bog standard nail polish in a jar with the word ‘lad’ sprinkled around. We did loads of research into nail bed sizes, handle sizes, what we could do to make the whole experience easier and just better. So we came up with our Gel Nail Polish Pens. Modeled off old skool style fat textas we made a pen you could just as easily put in a pencil case as anywhere else with a strong handle and brush that self inks with our special Gel Nail Polish to make it easy to put on, and won’t come off in a hurry.
I have to take my gel nail polish off in a hurry!
Righto, this is a tough one. Glossy Boys is made to stay on, so give yourself some alone time with your nail polish remover and meditate or zen out for anywhere from 6-10 minutes (how thickly you apply it makes a difference). Set yourself up with your favourite Netflix episode and hook in completely before you start. You can carefully (carefully!) buff off the top layer (not your nail bed!!) with a nail file or extra-fine sandpaper (it is, the same thing, one is just attached to a stick), then soak your nails. Use the cuticle sticks we provide in the Kit or get them in our store. Here's what you can do if you don't have our Remover Pads (from things in under the kitchen sink or from the hardware).

Nail Polish For Men

Is Men’s Nail Polish Taking Off?
Well this can mean two things really. Is men’s nail polish taking off in the world at large, you bet. Everyone from the past and present including Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, A$AP Rocky,Ansel Elgort,Harry Styles are playing around with nail art to express themselves. According to Esquire Magazine “The key is to give zero f2cks. Own that fact that by painting your nails, you’re automatically putting yourself in a higher echelon of style that’s open to anyone who takes the leap.
Is it OK for Guys to wear clear nail polish? 
Yes. It’s also cool, interesting and a great way to show off your hands when you’re making TikToks, Youtube's or just keying away. Who doesn’t like pushing some buttons, hmm?
What the hell is a “Menicure”?
A Menicure is just a gendered manicure (an manicure is traditionally a nice hand soak in warm water, a hand massage, filing-and-nail-styling and sometimes painting, sounds good, huh?). However, what this is referring to, we suspect, is just guys, lads, or male-identifying people wearing nail polish. GASP. 
When did guys start wearing nail polish?
So we went deep into TikTok here, just for you to answer this oft asked relic of a question. From ancient Zhou to Persians to Egyptians, nail polish has been around for eons. Anything that leveled you up, you bet guys did. So when this is asked we are going to answer. Guys have been wearing nail polish from rock stars to ancient dudes for eons and as we muscle aside toxic gender stereotypes (who gets to decide what we wear anyway? Our Grandpa?!) we start wearing nail polish NOW! 
What does it mean when a guy wears Black Nail Polish?
That he or they are quite stylish really. There’s no hidden code. 
Men’s nail polish ideas?
We like black nail polish, it’s true. We added nail stickers as we figure that peeps like to be expressive. And we humbly think there’s nothing cooler than some rad black nail polish that when you get up close you find a cool design or bit of extra colour. We are expressly made for guys to expressly express themselves. Say that 10 times fast! 
Does men’s nail polish hide fungus?
There is a lot on the great interwebs about men and nails andfungus. I’m sure you’re glad to know that too now. Don’t be painting your nails if you have fungus, go down to one of those pink pharmacies and speak to an expert. Treat your fungus. We are not fungus experts, but it’s quite easy to treat, we believe. In fact, we can help: we highly recommend speaking to the absolute expert pharmacists atVim & Co Pharmacy in Northbridge. 
Nail Polish for Men’s Toes, you ask? 
Sure, Glossy Boys Gel Nail Polish can be applied on toes. We’ve done it. It’s a little tricky with the travel light in our kit, but if you’re keen for some colour on your toesie we are there for you. Text us on +61 414 524 215 ‘Toe nails’ and we can hook you up with a bigger lamp to fit your toes with comfort. 
Does wearing nail polish make people think you are Gay?
So this o’ chestnut. You’re sexual orientation makes you gay, or bisexual, or pansexual or hetro sexual or asexual, not what you put on your nails. 
Do I have to show up how manly I am when I wear nail polish?
If you like. 
Do I have to be a musician if I wear nail polish?
Um, no. But you do you. 
Do male rockstars wear nail polish?
Well, yes they do. Some even have their own brands. We don’t mind them, though they were a little ‘hyper male’. If you’re young you don’t need to see long nails running over boobs to want to wear nail polish. 
Should ‘I bloke it up’ when I wear nail polish?
At Glossy Boys, we keep things clean, we recognise our customer is brave and we don’t feel we have to shove any kind of masculinity or femininity down anyone’s throats thank you. Bloke it up if you like. What does that even mean?
Will people ask me questions when I wear nail polish in public?
Yes, they will likely ask about the colour and you might… get compliments! Remember, everyone is the main character of their own film, if you get anyone who feels the need to make a negative comment (you’ll be surprised that you won’t really get this, but just in case) know that there’s something going on in their OWN head, that’s on them. Love your new nails and the bask in all the compliments.
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