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About Us

Hi I’m Lucas, Founder of Glossy Boys

Lucas Founder of Glossy Boys

I’m a young skater, artist and creator. I’ve always wanted a fun way to express who I am, in the simplest form. I love wearing nail polish and always have. I wanted to create nail polish that everyone could use and didn’t get wrecked the minute you did anything. I like sharing my skating, art through film at @__lucasmax__ and of course, @glossy_boys.  Drop a line to me anytime and share with me on socials!

GB’s Story

I messed up.

After quickly grabbing a black bottle from the massive pink stand of polishes at the local Priceline, I thought I was done. I got so disappointed when I got home and found the black nail polish I bought was a ‘base coat’. 
Once I (finally) got what I needed, I got painting, carefully applying the black I’d bought…only to find that as soon as I did a few minutes of skating it was chipped and wrecked! What now?

Nail polish shouldn’t feel like a big deal, so first round, I had a tiny bottle. Have you ever tried painting anything with a tiny brush? Nah, that wasn’t going to work. I needed something that people with bigger hands can feel comfortable with. So after a lot of hard work, I came up with a pen, one that had Gel Nail Polish, which is a bit different as it has a UV light to dry it. That’s essential, it makes it skate proof (or whatever-you’re-doing-proof), it’s also got all the ‘coats’ in one so you just paint colour straight on. Glossy Boys is created for you and for me, to be a easy as can be.
Be rad always,

Founder, Glossy Boys

Breanna and Lucas Founders of Glossy Boys

Who is Breanna Co-Founder, Glossy Boys, here with me on our first instruction video. Breanna my Mum. She told me as she sees it, her role is to support me (Lucas, rad creator) in every way to be my own person, however I wishes. She says, that’s pretty much it.