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How-to Remove Xtreme-wear Nail Polish with things from under the Kitchen Sink

How-to Remove Xtreme-wear Nail Polish with things from under the Kitchen Sink

Is Glossy Boys nail polish hard to get off? A little bit. We make polish that lasts and looks epic how ever active you are.

Never Fear! You can use stuff you have in your cupboard or from Bunnings/ any hardware store. 

What you need: 

State-of-mind: chillax, take your time and don't do this if you have cuts or any open wounds on your hands (that includes bitten down nails, dude - ouch).

A bit of tissue, cotton pad, paper towel (dunny paper will do at a pinch, it doesn’t much matter). 

A stick to scrape the polish off. In the starter KIT we provide one, it’s Very satisfying. 

Some aluminium foil

Cutex “Ultra Strength” Special acetone remover (removes gel nail polish is  designed for Glossy Boy’s type of nail polish).  -->Or you can get bog standard acetone from Bunnings. It is cheaper but doesn’t do as good a job. Any acetone you use will work (eventually).

Steps for Removal:

3 cm strip of tissue/cotton pad et al. Soak or dip that in acetone. Don’t go nuts, it doesn't have to drip everywhere (and be careful around surfaces, this stuff is paint stripper after all, don’t go dripping it on your Nan’s antique table). 

Aluminium foil Cut a strip of aluminium foil into a strip about 3cms long by 3 cms high. Place your soaked bit of cotton in acetone into the aluminium foil make it face the nail you’re getting your polish off and squish the wrapped aluminium foil until it stays on (like a burrito is best). Leave for about 4-8 minutes to soak.

Chillax and don't touch anything, try to keep fingers pointing down or you'll get acetone leaking down your hands to your elbows...

Don’t play with your phone as the acetone could escape and melt the delicate glass. That would suck. 

4- 6 minutes later remove aluminium foil and cotton and scrape off polish. This is fun. You can gently buff the rest off if needed with a nail buffer or gentle nail file.

Ta da - clean nails. 

Word to the wise: Leave a bit of time to do this if you have to get to school or an appointment as it is a bit of a process. Don't saw at your nails with a nail file, there's only so much nail bed, don't buff your layers dude! but all in all, removal is part of the fun (picking off is oh so satisfying) and that’s what you get for being epically skate-proof nail polish that looks amazing. 

Also Safety dude: always cover surfaces before using any chemicals (nail polish included) and cover any fabric or nearby surfaces well. Always store and use products as directed.


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