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Article: We Made it on!The Guardian Australia Good Gift List 2022

We Made it on!The Guardian Australia Good Gift List 2022

Australia Christmas good gift guide 2022: 50 ideas for the best presents under $50

So epic! You need gifts that are good for You and Yours right? Well The Guardian even featured Glossy Boys on their front page for their annual Good Gift List 2022! 

"Draw-on polish (G.B Small Kit)

$19.95 GB Small Kit

Skaters know their nail polish – they need a durable, chip-free finish that will withstand their kickflips. This polish, designed by a young skater himself, is applied like a Texta, dried by UV light and comes in all the colours of the rainbow."

$49.95 The Everything Kit

The Guardian didn't mention it, but You know not to forget our 'The Everything Kit' featuring everything You need delivered to your door, to add rad nail polish that lasts and remove including some rad nail stickers to trick up your nails extra fine this Year!

"In a year when every cent counts, we’ve scoured the country for gifts under $50 that are big on value. Below you’ll find Christmas presents that, on their own, surprise and delight. But they also have heart, be they sourced from a local maker or a socially conscious business. They’re presents that are good to give, and even better to receive."

"What do you want? You can search by gift category: collectibles for objects to have and to hold; activities for books, crafts, and projects to occupy hands and minds; edibles for things to snack and sip; wearables for beauty, style and fashion products; and essentials for everyday items (with a little something extra)."

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